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As the world seems to be on fire, we once again are reminded of how incredibly privileged we are to live such safe lives in central Europe, being able to make music and not being exposed to the harsh conditions so many other people have to struggle with.

We wanted to do this for a long time, but since the situation escalated immensly, the time to act has come – now. The situation in the greek refugee camp of Moria was dire, even before Covid-19 hit the community, even before the fire burned the whole camp to the ground. We’ve decided to put together a small Ableton Rack-pack to gather funds for the people who lost nearly everything in pursuit of a better life.

In the MORIA_RELIEF RACKS-Pack, you'll find 3 Operator-Racks (Kick, Snare, Hats) we used throughout the years to synthesize our drums. All revenue made from this pack will go towards Home For All, a social charity kitchen supporting the refugee community through providing food, shelter and care directly in the vicinity of the Moria-refugee camp.

In case Ableton Racks aren't your thing, you can obviously support the NGO directly, make sure to check their website for more infos.

Art: Steiner-Grafik

This pack contains: 

  • QZB Operator Drum Rack - Kick
  • QZB Operator Drum Rack - Snare
  • QZB Operator Drum Rack - Hats

(Ableton 10 Needed)