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We thought about this a long time, but now seems to be the perfect moment for it:

A big chunk of our monthly income vanished due to the COVID-19-pandemic, so we open up our vaults to serve you highly curated samples from our catalogue and sounddesign-sessions.

The FORGE_SAMPLES #1 pack marks the first entry of a bi-weekly sample pack-series containing 53 audio files, ranging from crisp Drum hits and loops, growly and techy midranges, inspirational musical stuff and much more, ready to use in any production. We always strived for the highest amount of quality during our career, a guideline we apply to all of our products.

The FORGE_SAMPLES #1 pack contains the following:

  • 10 Kicks (One Shots)
  • 10 Snares (One Shots)
  • 5 Shuffles (Loops)
  • 15 Mids & Basses (Loops & Long Takes)
  • 8 Musical ideas (Loops)
  • 5 Foleys (Loops)