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FORGE #5 is here! This pack follows the tradition of it's predecessors, containing samples, recordings and tool from our vault.

We worked with a lot of hardware synthesizers, drum-machines and a big modular rig to deliver one of the best packs we ever created. The contents of 83 samples cover a wide range of tools, ranging from precise one-shots, groovy loops to long synth and modular recordings ready to chop up.

There's also lots of inspiring musical riffs, chords and atmospheres to spark your imagination. All contents are, as always, crafted and curated with the utmost care to provide you with inspiring material to mangle, rearrange and make them your own.

The FORGE_SAMPLES #5 pack contains the following:

  • 29 Drum & Percussion Samples (One-Shots & Loops)
  • 36 Bass Samples (One-Shots, Stabs & Loops)
  • 18 Music Samples (Loops, Riffs, Long Recordings)